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Sep. 5, 1999 (Sun.)
Elevation: 4714 feet; Order of Height: 11
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Peter Guidry, Bob Gibson, Annette Labossiere, Markus Wandel

An intro the Trap Dike fo PG, Bog, Annette and Markus. We also backpacked this one, camping not far from the Avalanche Jct Lean-tos. Got started good and early, and were on the Dike before too long. I'd brought rope and a bit of gear to help anyone not feeling comfortable, and on a couple of pitches we in fact did do some belaying. Again had a bit of a hard time locating the exit (went too high last time, this time went too low), but after some trial and error, located a good route over to the main slide that avoided bushwacking. Everybody loved it, although the steep slide climb is the ultimate stairmaster workout!

We returned via Lake Arnold, packed up our campsite and returned via Marcy Dam.

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