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Jul. 20, 1997 (Sun.)
Elevation: 4867 feet; Order of Height: 5
Participants: Brian Connell, Andrew Lavigne, Andree Plouffe

Don't remember a large amount of detail about this climb. Here's what I do remember, however: Weather, ehh... not so great. Cloudy. Started the hike from the trailhead that leads up to an abandoned ski run, complete with some old remnants of a ski lift. Upon gaining a ridge, we rejoined with the main trail leading up from Wilmington. A few good lookouts here and their. After a fairly long slog with occasional 'fudge' and 'double-fudge' sections (my words for mucky), we came across a mysterious looking wall of stone... and, well, after ascending around it, we find that it is the buttressing for a hairpin of the auto road leading to the top. Rather than take the road to the summit, we elect to take the trail leading up the ridge to the summit. Excellent choice, because the trail runs along the edge of the steep cliffs and ravine that drops away to the east. Whiteface is quite unique and nice relative to the other ADK high peaks in that it has these ridges with sharp dropoffs. Fairly windy and a little rainy and in the clouds, of course, so no summit views. We did indulge in some french fries in the restaurant below the summit, however. We returned by way of the road to the aforementioned hairpin and then back down the trail to the car.

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