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Oct. 1, 1994 (Sat.)
Elevations: 4175 feet, 4185 feet, 4400 feet; Order of Height: 30, 29, 22
Participants: Brian Connell, Andrew Lavigne, Andree Plouffe, Paul Osmond, Gilbert Benoit
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Another in the series of 'early hikes'. Was a crisp autumn day, as I recall. Started out from the parking area below the AMR club and headed up towards Lower WolfJaw (we skipped going over the roostercomb). I remember the first nice lookout on the trail looking over JBV was very nice, although someone had beat us to it and was relaxing and enjoying the view. The trails up and down the Wolfjaws were exceedingly steep; or perhaps it was just that I wasn't yet used to Adirondack trails - I don't know.

The summits of the Wolfjaws were nice in that I like winding paths along ridges, and with a few nice lookouts as well. I recall one section (the east side of Armstrong, I think), where there is a section of steep rock that one can climb with the assistance of a bit of cable. Very nice broad ledges on the west side of Armstrong with good views of Gothics. Brian finds his orthopaedic rock and Paul Osmond was eager to try out his new saw on some deadwood on ths summit (at which point Gilbert looked for a convenient place to hide). The return leg of the trip was down to the col between Armstrong and Gothics and then down to the Lake Road and a quick walk out.

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