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Sep. 24, 1994 (Sat.)
Elevation: 5344 feet; Order of Height: 1
Participants: Billy Nickerson, Andree Plouffe, Luc Alary, Ewart Tempest, Andrew Lavigne
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One of 'the early' climbs. Luc was still very young (like about 14), and Billy had not yet moved south to California. And it was before learning about goretex and no cotton, etc.... This was my first and only hike (as of Oct 2003, anyway) up Marcy, strangely enough. I remember it being a cloudy day, but we went up anyway hoping to maybe get above the clouds. We stopped for several pictures at Marcy Dam and Indian Falls (we took the Van Hoevenberg route), and then soon afterwards were up in the clouds. The summit was totally socked in, but we could tell that we were not far below the tops, since it was very bright just above us and occasionally we could discern a bit of the sun's disc. I recall that Billy had a good snooze on the summit. We returned the way we came up.

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