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Jan. 21, 2024 (Sun.)
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Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Brian Connell, Gino Brancatelli
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Brian's 30th winter 46R Peak: Lower Wolfjaw.

The kickoff to friend Brian's 2024 Winter 46R climbs: a less-standard loop hike up and over Lower Wolfjaw.

Started off from near the Deer Brook trailhead on Route 73, walking along the road to the AMR Lake Road Gate. From there, soon branched off onto the Ladies Mile trail and over to the West River trail. Followed the West River trail to the lower end of the Slide Brook Trail - the trail that leads up to the Lower-Upper Wolfjaws col.

Trail was well-packed up to the col. Weather was cold but calm and clear. Near the col, took the shortcut towards the summit. Arrived a bit later than intended, shortly before 2pm. Enjoyed a brief but happy 30th winter summit congratulations for Brian.

Trail east of the summit -- the continuation of our loop -- was not broken out. Our progress was now much slower, with the trailbreaking and trail-finding that was required. Took us several hours to get down to the top of the junction with the WA White trail near Hedgehog mountain. Took this (also not broken out) downhill, arriving at some nice lookouts just as the sun set.

Just before 6pm (in the dark), arrived at a junction that allowed us to hop over to the Deer Brook trail. We started downhill along the Deer Brook trail but after a short while lost the markers and instead came upon a Lean-to and the top of a plowed residential road. We elected to make life easier for ourselves and hiked down the road to route 73, reaching it shortly before 7pm (this road comes out only a few yards away from the Deer Brook trailhead).

So, success... but with a lot of troublesome effort for the final 2/3rds of the loop. In restrospect, it would have been easier to just walk back down the way we came up (even with the additional distance), but .... oh well... loops are nice.

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