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Nov. 20, 2022 (Sun.)
Elevation: 3314 feet; Order of Height: 116
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Brian Connell, Caroline Doucet
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A return to the tradition of 'twilight hikes', this time on Ampersand Mountain

A sunset/twilight hike to the summit of Ampersand Mountain. The day is below freezing and windy, but bright and sunny. The big November 2022 lake-effect snow dump almost reaches Ampersand, but not quite. Just six inches of snow on the ground, maybe a foot near the summit.

We start off two and a half hours before sunset, which turns out to be a little too generous, and as we approach the summit, we have to slow down to burn off some time. We futz around enough to manage to arrive at the summit just minutes before sundown, and are treated to a clear view of it. There are no especially spectacular colors or cloud effects today, but it is still very beautiful and special to witness, as always.

The blustery conditions keep us from lingering at the summit too long. Trail conditions, even though the trail is covered in only a thin layer of snow, are quite good. We make it back to the car shortly after six and are glad to have spent this Sunday afternoon in on this north country summit.

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