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Jul. 7, 2019 (Sun.)
Elevation: 3576 feet; Order of Height: 82
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Chris Hatko, Alana Wilcox
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Originally this outing was supposed to be longer (to Dix), but democracy exerted itself and we redirect to Jay Mountain instead. For Chris and Alana, this was new territory, and admittedly Jay Mountain is pretty great.

Beautiful day and temperature. Rapid climb up to the ridgetop, followed by an enjoyable ramble along the mostly-open ridgeline. Great clarity and good far-ranging views.

On the way back, Chris and I decided to try and follow the old pre-2012 herdpath down. Got off the old track about a quarter of the way down and bushwhacked for a while until hitting the new trail, which we then followed back to the trailhead.

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