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Sep 20, 2008 (Sat)
Elevations: 3035 feet, 4627 feet, 4420 feet; Order of Height: 152, 12, 20
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Bob Kowalski, Pu Chen, Patrick, Nicholas, Robbie, Bill, Judy, Cindy, Tony, Ian
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Today we joined Pu and his hiking group for a glorious Rocky Peak traverse hike, this time from west-to-east (a first for me). Weather was awesome, if a bit hazy. We made excellent time going up the super-scenic ridge trail, with a few of us peeling off to check out the Giant's Nubble on the way up.

Met Bill and Judy on the way up, at almost exact same spot we first met 3 years ago. Bill was finishing his 46th on Rocky today, and I was honored to be there to share in his moment. Congrats!

Beautiful hike, as usual, along Rocky Ridge. Unfortunately not much color yet, even though we were at the end of September. Must come here again at full color sometime!

All went well as we slowly and scenically descended east to Lake Mary Louise, Bald Peak, and finally down into the forests before arriving at the New Russia trailhead nine hours after we started. Excellent hike!

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