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Mar. 18, 2007 (Sun.)
Elevations: 4857 feet, 4400 feet; Order of Height: 6, 23
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Alex, Linda, Mark, Peter, Jim
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Our new friends Linda and Mark are on track to make this day the day that they finally achieve the last of their winter 46er peaks, and have invited us along with them. The last peak they need is Hough Peak, in the Dix Range. Happily, this coincides with my and Jenn's need for Dix and Hough Peak.

The weather is overcast, with a more-or-less continues cascade of light snow and flurries. Based on the forecast we had seen before starting the hike, we have no expection at all of a nice day with clear views. Such is life!

It is a long trudge in over partially broken-out trail. We eventually break out onto an open slide on the face of Dix, and choose to hike up it, rather than follow the trail across the slide and back into the woods. The slide is an alluring alternative, offering a steady, open ascent with good quality snow conditions. Unfortunately, a little bushwacking after exiting the slide takes away from the overall enjoyment!

We are now quite close to the summit of Dix. All that is left is a short but steep climb up the crest to the summit. It is quite windy out, and with all of the recent fresh snow there is a fair bit of it blowing about. There is pretty much no visibility -- I can't see any surrounding peaks. I put on my face mask and goggles and make my way up the final few hundred feet.

Since our objective for the day included Hough Peak (especially important to our soon-to-be winter 46ers....!), we needed to continue on, over the summit of Dix, and onto Hough peak, which lay in waiting on the other side.

It is a long but straightforward bushwack from Dix to Hough. We leave our packs at the col between Dix and Hough, and quickly climb up to the summit of Hough. There are many high-fives and congrats all around - well done to the three new winter 46ers!

We decide to return via the more direct and shorter Boquet River route, so we return to the col and head, east, down into the valley and out to Route 73. A good and fairly open descent route!

See the image gallery link below for a more detailed writeup and the set of pictures.

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