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May 14, 2000 (Sun.)
Elevation: 3600 feet; Order of Height: 80
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Lorraine Hughes

Lorraine and I parked the car at the Cascade Mountain trailhead, then crossed the road and started up towards Pitchoff. Lots of interesting lookouts not far up this trail, including some really good open ones with huge boulders. From some scorch marks here and there on these open areas, it looked like this was a popular spot with the local party-bonfire crowd. The path continued over the various bumps and knobs, often with good views, even though the day was mostly overcast. Then steeply downwards off the ridge, we rejoined route 73 some distance below Cascade pass and hiked back along the road back to the car. Would be better with a two-car setup, as the hike back along the road is long and with lots of traffic.

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