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Oct. 5, 1996 (Sat.)
Elevation: 4100 feet; Order of Height: 35
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Markus Wandel, Andree Plouffe, Gilles Plouffe, Brian Connell, Gilbert Benoit
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This hike was another in the series of 'learning experiences'. The plan on this one was to do Gothics, but I was feeling ambitious and so planned an elaborate route: From the AMR club, we took not the road but the trail that follows the ausable river, up and over Lost Lookout, then down to lower ausable lake, up over Sawteeth, and then to Gothics. Firstly, it was a lot of extra up and down; and secondly, I was managing my food very badly: I hadn't eaten anything for breakfast and neglected to eat much along the way. Things were actually going very well and we motored along at a good pace, but on the ascent of Sawteeth I simply bonked completely (and Brian did the same thing I did and he bonked at nearly the same place). I was unable to keep up and fell to the back of the pack, feeling miserable. Slowly I managed to regain some energy and semi-enjoyed the climb up Sawteeth, although to tell you the truth I can't remember too much about whether there were good views or not (the weather was very nice, though).

Even at the summit of Sawteeth I still hoped to summit Gothics... but our winding route so far and my and Brian's slowdowns soon made it clear that it wouldn't be prudent (timewise) to try for Gothics. Instead we turned and went down via the trail alongside Cascade Brook and returned to the cars via the Lake Road.

I did not neglect the importance of fuel for the body after this hike!

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