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Jun. 1, 1996 (Sat.)
Elevations: 5114 feet, 4840 feet; Order of Height: 2, 8
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Luc Alary, Ewart Tempest, Gilbert Benoit, Andree Plouffe, Martin ?
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A trip up the 'backside' of Algonquin, as it is called. Strange that this ended up being the first way up Algonquin for me. The guidebook describes this as the longest continuous ascent in the Adirdondacks (from Lake Colden up to Algonquin's peak). As always, the hike past Marcy Dam and through Avalanche Pass and Lake was very scenic. The hike upwards from Lake Colden was quite nice, with some nice mini-waterfalls and ever-increasing views back towards Colden, where the Trap Dike was especially prominent. Day was nice but warm and hazy. Up on the ridge, we took a side detour to visit Boundary, and then Iroquois, both nice peaks (Boundary not official being a peak, of course) with open summit areas. A fair bit of muck in some of the low points separating these two, though. Good view of Wallface from the summit of Iroquois. One final burn up the nice open alpine area on Algonquin and we were on top. The usual crowd was here, as was a summit steward, as I recall. From here we returned via the north side of Algonquin and down back to Adirondak Loj.

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