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Apr. 30, 1995 (Sun.)
Elevations: 4098 feet, 4059 feet; Order of Height: 36, 38
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Luke Ward, Ewart Tempest, Wayne Pitman, Billy Nickerson, Peter Kalab, Others
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This was the hike where I introduced Luke to the Adirondacks. We did this hike as a point-to-point (which is the only reasonable way to do this). As I mention in another trip report, this route is very nice with lots of different lookouts in different directions all along the way. I recall Billy and I investigating some cool ice formations on the way up Blueberry, even though it was May.

The other thing I recall vividly about this hike is that Luke's feet ended up killing him. By the time he got to Porter he was quite uncomfortable and by Cascade's summit he was in severe pain. Weather was so-so with limited views into the still-snowy high peaks. I think Luke's feet problems combined with a fairly long hike conspired to turn him off of hiking with us for quite a while.

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