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TableTop Mountain
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Tabletop Mountain

Elevation: 4427' (1349m)
Officially trailless
Location: N44.1406 W73.9164 (WGS84)
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Tabletop is a broad three-humped peak located roughly between Marcy and Phelps. As you might guess from the name, the summit of Tabletop is not an exciting narrow point. Additionally, Tabletop's summit is fully treed. In the summer, do not expect much in the way of extensive views, although there are some views. In the winter, a thick layer of snow can raise you up enough to sample the superb scenery that surrounds Tabletop. This is not a 'trailled' peak, but a well-defined and semi-maintained herdpath does now lead up Tabletop. The herd-path leaves the Phelps trail not far below Indian Falls.

Andrew's climb logs of TableTop Mountain: [Jan. 12, 2003 (FTS)], [Mar. 1, 2003], [Oct. 3, 2004], [Nov. 27, 2005], [Dec. 27, 2007], [Mar. 12, 2023]

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