Saturday, September  21, 2019
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Welcome to the Adirondack High Peaks section of my web page. This section serves a dual purpose: to provide a compendium of images and information about my exploration of these mountains, and to provide a log of the adventures that led to me becoming Adirondack 46er #5506!

The Adirondack Park of Northern New York State is a wonderful expanse of wilderness in the middle of a busy and populous region of the continent. In fact, it is the largest park in the whole of Eastern North America. This set of web pages focuses on the more mountainous northeast region of the park known as the "High Peaks" region. This is an area characterized by newly-uplifted but ancient-in-composition granitic rock, worn down over the millennia by erosionary processes into dome-shaped summits. Trails are often rugged, eroded and steep.

I hope you find this set of pages to be a good companion resource to all of the other Adirondack Mountain pages on the internet!

Most Recent Climbing Logs

Aug 24, 2019 : South Dix, Grace Peak, Hough Peak, Dix Mountain
Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Alana Wilcox, Pu Chen
Alana was looking to up her 46R summit count, and the rest of us were looking for a longer, less-crowded, and scenic outing. The Dix range is always generally reliable in regards to all of these parameters, so we cooked up a horseshoe-sha... [more] [image gallery]
Aug 18, 2019 : Algonquin Peak
Andrew Lavigne, Sai Krishna Mohan, Gino Brancatelli, Daniel Rodrigue, Katya Pichugin
Another above-the-clouds work outing, this time an outing a bit more difficult: the scenic and interesting Algonquin Loop including Avalanche Pass

Muggy and misty day, lots of puffy clouds at about 4000-6000 feet that obscured the... [more] [image gallery]
Jul 7, 2019 : Jay Mountain
Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Chris Hatko, Alana Wilcox
Originally this outing was supposed to be longer (to Dix), but democracy exerted itself and we redirect to Jay Mountain instead. For Chris and Alana, this was new territory, and admittedly Jay Mountain is pretty great.

Beautiful ... [more] [image gallery]
Jun 23, 2019 : Mount Skylight
Andrew Lavigne, Brian Connell
A deliberately long-way climb of Skylight, from Elk Lake, in order to get a longer, tougher hike under our belt as part of training for some upcoming out-west backpacking and climbing. Also done because of the less-busy, more quiet experie... [more] [image gallery]
Jun 9, 2019 : Catamount Mountain
Andrew Lavigne, Chris Hatko, Katie Hatko, Abhi Venkat, Theresa Mammarella, Amir Gaouaou, Mouhcine Aitounejjar
One of our work team "Above the Clouds" hike, again in intro-mode, up the excellent short Catamount Mountain route. Not much to say other than beautiful warm day, medium-level of bugginess, everyone did really well, whole thing done in ju... [more] [image gallery]
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