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Mar. 12, 2023 (Sun.)
Elevation: 4427 feet; Order of Height: 19
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Brian Connell, Alana Wilcox
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Brian's 26th winter 46R Peak:Tabletop Mountain.

A beautiful sunny, mild and perfect snow-condition day to help Brian achieve his 26th winter 46R peak on Tabletop.

Starting off crisp and cold from the ADK Loj main trailhead, we bare-booted marched fairly quickly to Marcy Dam, quickly crossed the firm snow of the marsh, and on to the Van Hoevenberg trail on the other side. Continued easy walking brought us to the upper crossing of Phelps Brook and the steeper trail up to Indian Falls. We stopped here for a beautiful snack break. Views extremely nice of MacIntyre Range.

A hundred or so yards of backtracking brought us to the signed (and packed-out) Tabletop herdpath route. With snowshoes now on, we made the ascent - at times steeply - to the summit crest of Tabletop. Lots of thick pretty snow coating all of the summit trees. Fun little snow tunnel brings us easily and quickly to the summit and to the southern-facing lookout next to it.

Warm, still conditions on the summit. Beautiful views of all of the nearby major peaks, including Marcy, Haystack, Colden and Algonquin. All summit buried under a nice white blanked of snow. No bare bedrock anywhere.

Easy and fairly rapid hike back down saw us arrive back at the trailhead about six and a half hours after setting out. Not record-breaking but still a decent pace. Congrats Brian on your winter 46R number 26! Twenty more to go!

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