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Nov. 26, 2022 (Sat.)
Elevation: 3556 feet; Order of Height: 85
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Brian Connell, Caroline Doucet
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A second 'twilight hike' within the space of seven days, this time on Noonmark Mountain

A sunset/twilight hike to the summit of Noonmark Mountain. Like the previous week, the day was bright and sunny. Unlike the previous week, it was mild and felt very springlike.

Again we start off about two and a half hours before sunset. We moderate our speed better this time and arrive at the summit with a comfortable twenty minutes to spare. The conditions are quite placid at the top, and a few extra layers are all that is needed to allow for a comfortable sit-down to watch the sun sink below the horizon at a point just to the south of Allen Mountain. There are no clouds again, meaning we have no extra special effects, but it is still a very beautiful sight from this particular vantage point.

The way down is arguably the best part of today's hike. The open upper ridgeline part of the trail combined with the fantastic view over to the twilight-highlighted great range make for haunting and beautiful backdrop. We make it back to the car shortly after six-thirty. I can only imagine what this hike would be like on a sunset day where fiery clouds and/or an undercast were present. That would be really incredible.

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