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Oct. 15, 2022 (Sat.)
Elevations: 3107 feet, 2815 feet; Order of Height: 150, 225
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Alana Wilcox, Chris Hatko, Gillian Hatko, Evie Hatko, Katie Hatko, Deepak Kumar, Brittan Fell, Brian Connell
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A mid-October hike to catch the last of the fall colors. We chose the NunDaGaO loop because it is low, close to leaves, and sports many lookouts. And to further increase the likelihood of close color viewing, we tacked on the trail leading down over the Crows.

Big group today - eleven in total. We did the loop counter-clockwise so the less interesting stuff came first, and the crags and lookouts of Weston Mountain and the Soda Range came later. On the higher parts of the loop, the colors were mostly yellows, with many trees completely denuded of leaves. Views still excellent, though - this really is quite a beautiful hike and it had been too long since I'd done it.

The finale down the Crows (instead of doing the standard loop) was well worth it. The lower elevation meant many of the bright orange and reds were still present. The final lowest lookout offered the most brilliant and spectacular view of colors. Followed the new red NYSDEC markers religiously and came out at a very minimally-marked trailhead on Hurricane road, about 500 yards below the junction with Otoole Road.

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