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Jan. 26, 2013 (Sat.)
Elevation: 4360 feet; Order of Height: 25
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Brian Connell, Harold Piel, Jean-Guy, Maurica Maher
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Returning to the Adirondacks after a 3-month hiatus, we climb Mount Marshall via the Herbert Brook ascent route.

We set off on a clear but cold day that had originally been forecasted for clouds and possible snow, making rapid progress (2 hours) from Upper Works to Flowed Lands. We took advantage of the winter highway across Flowed Lands to the Herbert Brook Lean-to, and from there started our ascent up the Herbert Brook route.

An excellent broken snowshoe track and the beauty of Herbert Brook made for a very easy, very enjoyable ascent. Near the top we discovered the "right" way to reach Marshall's summit - a route that leads to the small col just to the north of Marshall, and then climbs steeply up to the summit ridge. There is little to no bushwhacking or blowdown. It is practically a fully-fledged trail.

A breezy and cold summit had us on the way back down within a few minutes of reaching the top. The clear route and good track had us back at flowed lands in no time, and we then marched steadily back to the Upper Works trailhead, arriving 8.5 hours after starting out.

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