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Jun. 16, 2012 (Sat.)
Elevation: 4580 feet; Order of Height: 16
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Chris Hatko
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A quickie... something scenic, short, and a non-climbed 46-R (for friend Chris). This was as standard and non-eventful as an Adirondack hike can get. The only detraction was the annoying number of black flies above 3,000 feet. We had a happy surprise encounter with hiker acquaintance Clay Olds at the waterfall, and we once again climbed the little open nubble alongside the trail at about the 3,800-foot mark. Even though it was a nice summery weekend day, we managed to have the summit to ourselves (well, except for the summit steward). We were back down at the parking lot shortly after 1:30pm. Tidy and fun. Except for the black flies.

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