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Oct. 30, 2005 (Sun.)
Jay Mountain [Failed to Summit]
Elevation: 3576 feet; Order of Height: 82
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Ewart Tempest
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I'd always wanted to explore the Jay Range - I kept hearing word that it was this out-of-the-way shangri-la, that had wonderful views and lots of open ground.

Unfortunately for us, we went hiking up Jay Peak immediately after the biggest October snow dump I'd seen in a while! (I didn't think it would be quite so deep!) So much so that it was hard to find and follow the herd path. Really, really hard. And, near the top, the snow was so deep that it was often deeper than knee-height. Should've brought the 'shoes for this one!

We ended up turning around at the first sub-summit (quite close to Jay Peak, really). What we saw looked great, and we'll be back with proper gear for the conditions!

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