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Oct. 10, 2005 (Mon.)
Elevation: 4240 feet; Order of Height: 27
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Luke Ward, Sophie Huggins
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My third or fourth time on this a guaranteed-to-please loop hike: Big Slide via the Brothers, returning via JB valley. Except, of course, when the weather refuses to co-operate, as it did for most of fall 2005. I was trying to pick a good moderate hike for Luke and Sophie (and a new 46er peak for Jenn) that also had some nice views. As it turned out, we didn't see much.

Things went well on the way up, and the trail conditions were not too muddy given the recent wet fall weather. The summit had a few other folks, but it wasn't too crowded. We spent a good hour relaxing and chatting. It wasn't clear, but it also wasn't raining and it was quite calm. The way down was slightly tedious due to the many crossings of Slide Brook. Luke developed some soreness in his knees that really cramped his style. It made the final [normally-easy] walk back to the garden parking lot quite painful for him

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