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Apr. 16, 2005 (Sat.)
Elevation: 3520 feet; Order of Height: 87
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Luke Ward, Sophie Huggins
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Luke and Sophie were on vacation and had invited us to do a short Adirondack hike. They wanted something in the 4-hour range, and so after thinking a bit, I chose Cascade Peak. The weather forecast looked warm and springlike and clear.

You may ask 'well, isn't this an image gallery about Mt. Adams?'. As it turns out, upon getting to the Cascade Pass trailhead, Jenn suggested that we re-do the Mt. Adams climb, since Jenn and I had been there 3 weeks before but had no views whatsoever. Today was perfectly clear. It was about the same distance, so we changed our plans and drove all the way around to the other side of the high peaks, and the start of the trailhed to Mt. Adams.

The day was indeed clear, sunny and mild. We encounterd only patched of snow until almost right at the summit, where there was still a fair bit of snow (also some tricky ice on the steep sections just before the summit)

From the top of the fire tower, the views of the high peaks and the MacIntyre mine were perfect. There was only a slight cool breeze up in the tower. We used the handy little round table in the fire tower to have a very tasty lunch. Thanks everyone for helping me with lunch (I had forgotten mine back at the car).

After returning to the cars, we decided to explore the old MacIntyre mine blast furnace, which sits right off the road not far from the trailhead. Very neat structure.

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