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Mar. 8, 2003 (Sat.)
Elevation: 4360 feet; Order of Height: 25
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Andree Plouffe, Constantine Tikhonov, Caroline Doucet, Markus Wandel, Ewart Tempest, Kerry
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The plan for this hike was to hike up via the trail up to Indian Pass, then up to the pass separating Iroquois and Marshall and from there to the summit. A return via Lake Colden and Avalanche lake would make for a really neat loop. Weather started off a bit cloudy but soon turned clear. We made good time up the trail towards Indian Pass - Really nice when the snow trails are in shape! Had to break the trail a bit going up towards the pass - I don't think anyone had been up that way in a while. Andree was feeling pretty under the weather and was having a tough time but she stuck with it!

At the pass, I struggled a bit to find a way that matched the discription of the herd path from there to Marshall. Eventually I did stumble on to something which I _think_ was the way but I cannot be sure. If it was the herd path, I lost it somewhere going across the sub-peak before Marshall. What followed after that was a difficult time bushwacking through deep snow with spruce traps everywhere. On the positive side, though, were some simply excellent winter views of the High Peaks. After much toil we made it up the last stretch to Marshall and the summit sign.

Weather was starting to turn (big weather system moving in) and at the summit our clear sunny skies were completely gone. I attempted to find the more official herd path leading up from Lake Colden but just couldn't find it in the snow. Time was getting on so we just decided to retrace our steps, which was much easier now that we'd trampled a path through the snow. We made it down from the pass before it got dark and then it was just a long mostly flat walk out to ADK Loj. A loop would have been better but overall still a very good day.

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