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Feb. 24, 2001 (Sat.)
Elevation: 4580 feet; Order of Height: 16
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Lorraine Hughes
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A cold but brillantly clear winter day. Down at the High Peaks visitor center at ADK Loj, there was a display of broken snow-gear on sale. A quick browse through revealed a set of basic MSR denali snowshoes with no apparent damage... oh wait, there was a hairline crack in the metal foot plate. Still, only 10 bucks, so Lorraine bought a pair (she didn't have any of her own at the time). The shoes worked well, although there was well-trodden boot path all the way up to the treeline on Wright Peak. The day was simply beautiful - fluffy snow everywhere, not a breath of wind, completely clear and sunny. Above treeline we traded snowshoes for crampons, although things were more snowy than icy. The summit presented us with a beautiful winter view of the High Peaks, and still, not a breath of wind, even up here. Wondeful. And not only that, I don't recall anyone else being on the summit with us (Wright peak often being crowded, of course).

Footnote: Lorraine called up MSR to inquire about getting the footplate on her snowshoes fixed, and they said to just send them in and they would replace them with a brand new pair for free! Pretty good deal : 10 bucks (plus some shipping) for brand new snowshoes!

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