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Jan. 31, 2015 (Sat.)
Elevations: 4166 feet, 3895 feet; Order of Height: 31, 45
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Chris Hatko, Alana Wilcox
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A frigid winter day on a couple of the easier 'untrailled' 46R peaks: Street and Nye mountains. Chosen to give Chris a chance to get a couple more 46R peaks under his belt while still being fairly easy. The day was sunny and cloudless but quite cold. High temperatures in the lower elevations perhaps reached the zero mark (0F, -17C), while up above on the summits, we registered reading colder than -25C (-13F). How cold was uncertain because my digital thermometer started showing 'Lo'. Herdpath was superbly packed-out throughout, no routefinding problems. Blowdown minimal. Encountered a lot of other hikers on the trail today.

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Feb. 12, 2006 (Sun.)
Elevations: 4166 feet, 3895 feet; Order of Height: 31, 45
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Ewart Tempest
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For today's hike, we wanted something moderate in difficulty, that I had not done in the winter, and that Jenn had not done at all. Street and Nye fit all those criteria, so... Street and Nye it was!

Weather was not exactly clear (high cloud deck), but visibility was good, there was no wind, and the temperature was moderate (below freezing but not by a huge amount). Almost no snow down at the 2200-foot level. Was concerned with the Indian Pass Brook crossing (because of the recent warm weather), but it turned out to not be a problem, with a narrow but sturdy bridge of ice across the wide stream.

Herdpath was well-track, set, and defined from several parties the day before. A breeze to follow! Also a breeze was the blowdown situation... as in, there was virtually none.

The good trail and lack of blowdown meant we made good, easy progress, and the summits of Nye and Street were easily reached. Had an excellent lunch at the lookout on Street (partially because of the great views, partially because of a very tasty lunch!). Met fellow winter hikers Danielle and Dave at the summit. They didn't stay too long, as they were aiming to bag Phelps before the day was out.

Our way down was quick, tidy, uneventful, but pleasant. Back at the trailhead at 2:30, about 7 and a half hours after starting.

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Jul. 6, 2002 (Sat.)
Elevations: 4166 feet, 3895 feet; Order of Height: 31, 45
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Ewart Tempest, Phuong Truong, Markus Wandel
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After a long dry spell of no new peaks, I felt it was time to perhaps consider doing some. In fact, this hike probably marks the beginning of when I really started to think about completing the Adirondack 46ers. Phuong was along for her first Adirondack hike.

To this point I'd never been on any of the trails leading west from Heart Lake, so this was a nice change for me. The trail ascends slightly and then down to Indian Pass brook. At the brook one crosses at a point just upstream of the confluence with a brook coming down from the flanks of Street and Nye. A very nice un-eroded herd path (really nice) wanders very clearly up and down over gentle slopes before getting down to business and following somewhat above and away from the south bank of the aforementioned side brook. Eventually the path follows more or less in the brook and becomes a more standard rugged Adirondack route, but still, not too bad.

Once on the ridgetop the going is easy and itsn't long before we reach the totally treed summit (but with a sign) of Nye mountain. From there we backtrack for a bit and then make our way over to Street, which actually has one not bad lookout just beyond its summit, and I'm looking forward to the unique view of Algonquin to be seen from here. However, there is so much smoke and haze from a Quebec forest fire that we can barely see Algonquin's outline.

One the way back, Phuong has a little mishap and slips into Indian Pass Brook, but she is none the worse for wear. We had thought about doing a return detour over Mount Jo, but we are feeling a bit bushed and so we skip that and head straight back to the Adirondak Loj parking area.

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