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Oct. 3, 2015 (Sat.)
Elevation: 2919 feet; Order of Height: 197
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes, Julie Moran
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A sampling of the eastern Siamese Ponds wilderness area in the Southern Adirondacks, culminating in a visit to the summit of Peaked Mountain.

Met up with fellow hiker Julie in Indian Lake and then drove east to the general vicinity of Thirteenth Lake. Dropped a car at the Thirteenth Lake trailhead and started off from about 2km to east at a different lot, adjacent to a tennis court on the property of the Garnet Hill Lodge. Our plan was to visit various points of interest in the general vicinity of Thirteenth Lake, around which we would be describing a large U-shaped route.

We first visited the abandoned Hooper Garnet Mine, which in addition to having lots of broken rock that sported little spots of garnet material also had some fairly striking spires and walls of rock.

Next, we walked along various trails south, across large stretches of flat terrain east of Thirteenth Lake. Eventually we bent to the west, following the Puffer Lake trail around the south end of Thirteenth Lake. It was only at this time that the terrain got a bit hilly, as we climbed up to a trail junction with side spur to Hour Lake. The side visit to Hour Lake was pleasant enough, with a scenic beaver pond en-route. Returning back to the main trail, we continued north along the western margin of Thirteenth Lake until we reached another side trail, this one to Peaked Mountain.

The climb Thirteenth Lake to Peaked Mountain is about an hour and a half, and climbs about 1300 feet, of which only the last 600 are steep. Along the way are a few nice meadow views and one particularly striking view of Peaked Mountain itself. The trail arrives at Peaked Mountain lake and then takes a right, soon climbing up the mountain to the top. There were excellent views on clean ledges to the south, east, and north. The distant High Peaks are visible from the northern viewpoint.

After the summit, a quick two-hour walk brought us back down to Thirteenth Lake and north to the Thirteenth Lake trailhead, completing our day.

Please refer to the link below for the full trip report with lots of pictures.

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