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Mar. 5, 2022 (Sat.)
Elevations: 2685 feet, 2324 feet; Order of Height: 281, 515
Participants: Andrew Lavigne, Jennifer Innes
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A couple of new intro-class destinations.

Got a feedback message from a website visitor that asked if I had ever sampled the viewpoints available near the Flume Trail Network, on Rte 86 just east of the Whiteface Ski Resort. I replied that I had not, and he proceeded to explain how they were worthwhile objectives. The two subsummits (called Bear Den and Flume Knob) are on the lower northeastern flanks of Whiteface Mountain.

So, for my first hike back after a two-year Covid hiatus, I decided to check them out - they looked easy and would be a good way to ramp back up to longer and harder ADK outings.

Did a nice loop starting at the main Flume Network trailhead, staying close to the Ausable river for the first bit, crossing through one of the ski resort's parking lot, and onto the Bear Den trail proper. That trail then led upwards through pleasant open forest, for a time following above a suprisingly deep ravine, then turning and switchbacking up a steep forest slope to the ridgeline upon which Bear Den is located. The views along this ridgeline are solely to the west, but very nice. All of Whiteface and the Ski Resort are in full view.

Rather than taking the officially-marked trail, we bushwhacked (somewhat less than optimally) over to Flume Knob, which is a much smaller lookout and offers only one main view. Then the official Flume Knob trail back down to our start point.

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