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In preparation for our upcoming Dolomites and Alps climbing in July, Brian, Jenn and I scheduled a few sessions of ropework. Brian was staying for the weekend at his cottage with his daughter and son (Sara and Matthew). He suggested we combine a visit to the cottage with a ropework session. This image gallery documents our visit to his cottage and the fun we had while there.

The Connell cottage is located on one of the lakes of the Rideau canal waterway. It is a beautiful spot, which a nicely forested lot above a wide clear lake dotted with islands. The shoreline around most of the lake is steep and wooded, and in some places with cliffs. The first order of business when we arrived was a quick tour around the lake and surrounding area in their very nice powerboat.
The Idyllic Connell Getaway
Evening Boat Launch
Heading Out on Sand Lake
Heading out on Sand Lake
Jones Falls
Riverboat hotel
History of Col. By
Jones Falls Lock
Upper holding area
Brian Explains
Matthew Leaps
Relaxed Cruising
Summer Sunset
The final bank
Signing a 'D'
Battle for Washing
The next morning it was time for climbing practice. We reviewed our knots and such in the cottage, and then moved outside to practice self-rescue, and, later on, rescue pulley systems.
Morning ropework
A pitcher's arm!
Prussick Practice
Prussik Practice
Sara practices too!
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