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Market Day and Amalfi Coast Drive
Saturday, May 11
Saturday turned out to be quite nice and sunny. Dammit! I knew it - I knew I should have done my Accellica climb today instead of yesterday.

This morning my sister and I took my mother out to the weekly Saturday market, held in the parking lot of the stadium, just a few hundred metres away from my Aunt's house. My mother was still very interested in getting a couple of nightrobes, and this particular market featured a lot of clothes vendors. And it was just nice to get out and walk around on one of this spring's relatively rare nice days.
Market Time
Saturday Market
Market Shopping
Market Shopping
Nightrobe Shopping
Porcelli residence back-view
After visiting the market, we sat outside in the front garden of my Aunt Rosetta's house, enjoying the bright morning sunshine. In the afternoon, my sister Elvira and I decided to take a scenic drive to the nearby Amalfi coast, something we almost always do whenever we visit. For variety, we chose some different approach and departure roads, which afforded us some different views of this always-spectacular stretch of coastline.
Afternoon Garden sit
Noontime Garden Chat
Anna and Rosetta
Towards Vesuvius
Slopeside Settlement
Chiesa di San Michele Arcangelo
Vallone del Furore
How steep it is
Fausto Coppi Memorial
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