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Leaving Las Vegas
Heading Home and Wrap-up
Sunday, October 2
Well, there's not much to this page, since our sole activity on this final day of the trip was to get ourselves back home. We had a very reasonable 10am departure time, which meant we didn't have to get up in the middle of the night to get ready, return the rental vehicle, and present ourselves to airport security. Everything went smoothly, and our flight [again, directly back to Ottawa with no stops] left on time at 10am.
courtesy JInnes
The Tropicana
Busy Skyline
Happy Travellers
I knew that our route would take us somewhere over southern Utah, and I was hoping to get a decent aerial view of the Buckskin Gulch area, where we had backpacked just days before. I made an educated guess that the left-side windows would give the desired view, and co-ordinated with Arn and the others to sit on that side. Fortunately, my guesstimated worke out, and I got a perfect bird's eye view of the Buckskin Gulch area. Have a look at both the annotated and non-annotated versions of the picture titled 'Buckskin from above'. Amazing how innocuous that terrain looks from above! You'd never know a monumental four hundred-foot twenty kilometer-long slot canyon was down there!
Winging over the desert
Buckskin from above
Buckskin from above, annotated
Colorado Fall Colors
Flying over the great lakes
Arriving back in Ottawa safe and sound on Sunday afternoon, we bid our goodbye to Arn and Gosia. We'd had quite a fun-filled trip, with a lot of interesting variety -- in terrain type, in travelling companions, and in activities. And while we didn't achieve all of our objectives -- University Peak and Zion's Subway, for example -- it was more than made up for with excellent enthusiasm and companionship. Many thanks!

The End.
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