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Day 11 - Monday, June 27. Driving distance: 683 km

On Monday, June 27 -- our eleventh day on the road. We drove south from Twillingate back to the Trans-Canada, although we took a different route -- using highway 330 -- to get there. Once on the Trans-Canada, we drove east and south, stopping briefly for a quick look around Terra Nova National Park.
Across Twillingate Harbour
East to Stockley's Hill
Awk Island Winery
Arranged for tasting
Buildings of Twillingate
Scenic Durrell Dock Scene
Whale Bones
From Terra Nova National Park, we continued east along the Trans-Canada, soon entering the most easterly region of Newfoundland: The Avalon Peninsula. We decided to take a scenic road drive around the edge of one of the several sub-peninsulas that make up the greater Avalon Peninsula. We chose the sub-peninsula that sits between Trinity Bay and Conception Bay (for some reason, it doesn't have a distinct name). The highways that follow the edge of the peninsula are collectively called the Baccalieu Trail. We went up the western side (highway 80) first.
South Dildo
Lots of Dildos
On the Baccalieu Trail
There are many interesting small fishing communities along the coastline, many with fanciful names (Heart's delight, Heart's Desire, Cupid, Old Perlican, Dildo). An especially interesting spot is Heart's Content, where the main transatlantic telegraph cable was established in the 1800s. The historic cable station is still there and still open for visits. A very interesting bit of early telecommunications technology.
courtesy JInnes
Shag Rock
Heart's Delight-Islington
Heart's Desire
Heart's Content
Down to Heart's Content
Commemoration of Cable
courtesy JInnes
Heart's Content Cable Station
Multiplex Distributor Table
Entering Winterton
We briefly veered off highway 80 at the tip of the peninsula onto a rough old gravel road (with big deep puddles in spots). This led us more directly to the northernmost community on the peninsula, Grates Cove. The place is notable for its rock walls and as the reported landing site of John Cabot in 1497. A scenic and remote community.
Seaside at New Chelsea
Ships at Old Perlican
Daniel's Cove Road
Tombstones and village
House and cliffs
From Grates Cove, we started back south, this time along the eastern edge of the peninsula, following route 70. There are many more very scenic little outports along this side of the peninsula.
courtesy JInnes
Burnt Point
Wharf at Ochre Pit Cove
Broad Cove
courtesy JInnes
Sunlit, colorful houses
Church, Broad Cove
Salmon Cove
SS Kyle
Divided Trans-Canada
Evening Harbour View
After completing the Baccalieu Trail, we rejoined the Trans-Canada highway and headed east into Saint John's, where we stayed at The Battery Hotel for the night.
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