A long-overdue exploration of the Island of Newfoundland -- a.k.a. The Rock -- but with an unusual twist: a road journey, utilizing the now full-length Trans-Labrador highway, only just completed in 2010.

A road journey allowed us to make a grand loop, cover more ground, and see more of the highlights that Canada's easternmost province has in profusion.

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Table of Contents / Index

Overland to the Rock

Friday & Saturday, June 17 & 18
The French Connection

Saturday, June 18
Transition to the North

Sunday, June 19
The Manicouagan and Les Monts Groulx

Monday, June 20
Provencher Climb & Highway 389 North
Entering Labrador

Tuesday, June 21
Churchill Falls
A day of sights along the Trans-Labrador Highway

Wednesday, June 22
The Southern Labrador Coast
Northern Peninsula & St. Anthony

Thursday, June 23
Viking Stuff: L'Anse aux Meadows
Viking Stuff: Norstead
The Limestone Barrens
Wreck of the Empire Energy
Arches Provincial Park

Friday, June 24
[Gros Morne National Park]
Green Gardens Backpack Day 1

Saturday, June 25
[Gros Morne National Park]
Green Gardens Backpack Day 2
Green Point
Western Brook Pond Backpack Day 1

Sunday, June 26
[Gros Morne National Park]
Western Brook Pond Backpack Day 2
Twillingate, Crow Head Hike

Monday, June 27
Awk Island Winery
Heart's Content Cable Station
The Baccalieu Trail
Arriving in St. John's

Tuesday, June 28
The City of St. John's
Cape Spear
Ferry to Nova Scotia

Wednesday, June 29
Cape Breton to Bathurst

Thursday, June 30
Bathurst, New Brunswick

Saturday, July 2
Driving back to Ontario

In-Depth: Detailed Hike Reports
Climb of Mont Provencher
Churchill Falls hike
Birchy Nuddick Trail, L'Anse aux Meadows
Green Gardens Backpack, Gros Morne NP
Western Brook Pond Backpack, Gros Morne NP
Crow Head hike near Twillingate

Special / Extra Features
Where we drove
Detailed Description, Quebec Highway 389
Detailed Description, Trans-Labrador Highway
Video Clip Index
GPS Data

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