Tuesday, March  31, 2020
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Chapter 16
Western Brook Pond backpack, Day 2
Sunday, June 26
Pre-dawn at Snug Harbour
We awoke early in the morning, trying to decide whether to try for our early-morning climb to the plateau, or to simply pack up and head back to the car, getting a good head start on heading eastwards on the island of Newfoundland. The skies didn't actually look all that bad. There was cloud overhead, but it was thin and broken in places. I was torn - but after much mulling, we decided that skipping the climb and getting a good head start on the drive east would better fit our already busy itinerary.
So, we packed up and headed back along the trail we came in on. We chose a slight variation that stayed along the shores of the lake for longer, which although being slightly longer, had the dual benefits of avoiding some muddy trail and affording us more spectacular views of Western Brook Pond and fjord.
courtesy JInnes
Cliffs of Western Brook Pond fjord
Heading away from fjord
Not so good section of trail
It was not long at all before we were back at the ford of Western Brook, and after that, back on the wide, groomed path of the Western Brook Pond Trail. A straightforward march across the marshes and bogs brought us back to the trailhead by 9:30 a.m.
courtesy JInnes
Back to a wide path
The Pitcher Plant
Tablelands Across Bonne Bay

The end of the backpack to Snug Harbour marked the end of our time in Gros Morne National Park. It had been time well-allocated and well-used: in the space of less than 72 hours, we had completed two overnight backpacks, and had visited or driven by several other significant points of interest. We stopped for one last chat with Park employee Trevor, where we gave him beta about the trail to Snug Harbour. And to thank him for all of his help. We were then off, heading west towards Deer Lake and the Trans-Canada Highway.
courtesy JInnes
Trevor - our helpful Park Official
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