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Day 7 - Thursday, June 23. Driving distance: 430 km

Day 7 of our road trip. We drove north from St. Anthony to the Viking historic site of L'Anse aux Meadows. After visiting various viking tourist attractions, we headed back south. We thought we could take a backway shortcut along the coast between highway 435 and 430 through the limestone barrens, but it turns out that there is no longer a bridge at Big Brook, so we had to backtrack to Pistolet Bay and take 430 from there.
White Cape Harbour
L'Anse Aux Meadows Entrance
Sod structures, L'Anse aux Meadows
courtesy JInnes
436 - The Viking Route
Northern Delight
Moose Galore
Limestone Barrens
The Empire Energy
We took highway 430 down the western coast of Newfoundland as far as the entrance to Gros Morne National Park (stopping at scenic The Arches Provinicial Park along the way). We stopped at the National Park campground at Shallow Bay for the night.
430 South
Alongside the Gulf of St Lawrence
The Arches
Fisherman's Huts at Parson's Pond
Entrance to Gros Morne
Shallow Bay
Day 8 - Friday, June 24. Driving distance: 130 km

Day 8 of our road trip. This day was spent entirely within scenic Gros Morne National Park. We drove south from Shallow Bay to the Visitor Center, then continued around Bonne Bay (highways 430 and 431) to the area around the Tablelands (Tablelands vicinity very scenic). We stopped at the Green Gardens trailhead along highway 431 and started an overnight backpack.
Towards Western Brook Hill
430 and Bonne Bay
Highway 431 and Tablelands
431 and Tablelands
Day 9 - Saturday, June 25. Driving distance: 111 km

Day 8 of our road trip saw us retrace almost the entire path from the day before, from the Green Gardens trailhead back along highway 431 and 430 (around Bonne Bay) and further back north up highway 430 to the Western Brook Pond trailhead, where we started another overnight backpack.
Bonne Bay and Gros Morne Mtn
Scenic viewing binoculars
Day 10 - Sunday, June 26. Driving distance: 590 km

Day 10 of our road trip. After completing our Western Brook Pond backpack, we drove south again on highway 430, this time continuing to its southern terminus at the town of Deer Lake. From here, we followed the Trans-Canada highway east across Newfoundland.
Tablelands Across Bonne Bay
Pleasant winding highway
East Through Central Nfld
At the town of Notre Dame Junction, we got off of the Trans-Canada highway and took highway 340 north to its end at the coastal community of Twillingate, where we spent the night at the Anchor Inn Motel.
courtesy JInnes
courtesy JInnes
Dildo Run PP
Old style mailbox
North past Squid Cove
Approaching Twillingate
Old Victorian Home
Anchor Inn Motel
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