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Book IV: Family Visiting
(Chapter 20)
Cape Breton to Bathurst
Wednesday, June 29
Welcome to Nova Scotia
And so began the last portion of our trip. Two weeks isn't nearly enough time to explore all of Atlantic Canada, and I wanted to spend a few days with my parents in Bathurst, New Brunswick, so today was all about making a straight (or, as straight as the highways would allow) beeline for Bathurst.

I chose to take a more country-ish route through the center of Cape Breton, through the lands around Bras d'Or lake rather than on the standard Trans-Canada route around them. Quite scenic countryside, and it was interesting to note the subtle but distinct difference between Newfoundland and Cape Breton: less rocky, less rugged, a bit more lushly vegetated. Not a lot, but when seen side-to-side, noticeable.
Crossing the Barra Strait
Whycocomagh Bay Ferry
Someone likes the Simpsons...
Soon we merged back with the Trans-Canada, and headed west, crossing over the Canso causeway into mainland Nova Scotia. The Trans-Canada turns to high-speed four lanes after New Glascow, allowing us to make good progress all the way to the New Brunswick Border.
courtesy JInnes
Sign for Marine Drive
Hilly 104
Divided Trans-Canada
Wentworth Hills
Crossing into NB
Tantramar Marshes
We reached the Moncton area by lunchtime, which was fortunate, because I had it in my mind to stop at a particular restaurant in the nearby seaside town of Shediac. Hilton - a co-worker and friend of mine, grew up in Shediac, and his parents had (and still have) a Chinese restaurant there. Hilton had suggested that we visit if we were ever in the vicinity.

So, we stopped and had a most tasty buffet lunch at China Gardens in Shediac. Unfortunately, we only got to meet Hilton's Aunt; his parents were out of the office during the period of time we visited. But, I'm sure we'll wander by there again someday.
Shediac, NB
China Garden, Shediac
Approaching Bathurst
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