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courtesy JInnes
At the bottom of the steep section, the trail resumes its sideways contour along a lower section of the Supai Formation. This contour only lasts for a short while; the trail reaches the back of Travertine Canyon and starts a somewhat rough and steep descent down a vegetated talus slope. The trail is a bit braided in this section, but look for small cairns and the signs of foot traffic. The trail is on a slight ridgecrest down this section, and the trail more or less follows straight down on it.
Completing the Scramble
More Traversing
Much Lower in Travertine Now
At the bottom of the slope, you've reached the elevation of Whites Butte Saddle. The trail, now on top of the Redwall formation, leads north on the level and on relatively good trail, eventually arriving at the grassy saddle. There are more very good (but again, dry) campsites here.
Scenic Sandstone Boulder
Travertine Canyon Route, Annotated
Top of the RedWall
Out of Travertine
Whites Butte Saddle
Whites Butte Saddle campsites
Travertine Canyon Annotated
Whites Butte Saddle Campsites
Good campsites
Good campsites
The well-defined path leads across the saddle to its western side. There's a steep ravine in the Redwall limestone on this side that provides access down into Boucher Creek. The Boucher Trail leads down in the bottom of this ravine. This steep ravine marks the second 'steep section' of the Boucher Trail.
Crossing Whites Butte Saddle
Redwall Dropoff
Another view of ravine
This second steep section is also often described as horribly steep and rough, but I found it easier and more straightforward than the first steep section: The trail down the ravine has very little exposure, and, although it is steep and rough, the footing is on fairly solid rock (as in, there's not too much loose stuff underfoot). The steepest part of the ravine is near the top, and the trail becomes less and less steep as you descend. Eventually the Boucher Trail emerges onto the Tonto Group and becomes a much smoother and more pleasant path to walk on. Congratulations - you've made it past all of the Boucher's challenges at this point.
Steep and Rough
Partway down descent 2
Looking up at descent 2
The slope lessens
Successful Descenders
Beautifully Framed
Nearing the Tonto Platform
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