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along Boucher Trail
A nicer bit
A Grand Vista
Towers and Buttes
There are a few 'false points' as you walk along towards Yuma Point (as in, you think you've reached Yuma Point as you round a corner, only to find that the point is further on). At Yuma Point, the trail again becomes flat and pleasant. Yuma Point has several nice tent spots, but is an essentially dry place to camp. Not far north of these tent spots, out towards the tip of Yuma Point, there are some slickrock potholes that can sometimes contain water.
Lower Hermit Canyon
Steep Sideslope
Nearing Yuma Point
Yuma Point
A bit of exposed traversing
Yuma Point
courtesy PChen
Yuma Point Potholes
Continuing on from Yuma Point
Whites Butte from Above
The Boucher Trail has now rounded Yuma Point, and now swings back to the south, heading into upper Travertine Canyon. The trail is still following the Esplanade, and there has been no loss of elevation since the junction with Dripping Springs. This contouring continues as the trail reaches the back of Travertine canyon, when it finally reaches the famous 'steep section'.
Upper Travertine Canyon
Boucher Trail in Travertine Cyn
Another view down to Whites Butte
courtesy JInnes
More Boucher Trail Traversing
An airy point
Start of the Steeps
The steep section begins when the trail suddenly stops its westward traverse along the Esplanade and switchbacks downward. What follows is a relatively short section: first, a sloping relatively wide path that has an exposed dropoff on the left, and then a steeper section that is a blocky 3rd-class downclimb, but with little exposure. The wide path section has some loose footing, and the blocky downclimb is on firm, solid rock. (3rd-class = you need to use your hands). The best way to descend this section is to turn around with your face into the rock and downclimb.
courtesy JInnes
Before the Descent
Airiest stretch
Pack Transporter
This entire section is perhaps less than 100 feet of vertical. If you are at all competent on rougher trails and on moderately steep terrain, this section will present no problems to you. If you are not, then taking your time and remaining calm will see you through it. If you really needed to, you could lower your pack down the scrambly section and downclimb without it.
courtesy PChen
Descending the 'steep stretch'
Easy Downclimbing
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