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After the brief but tasteful wedding ceremony, the entire entourage made its way across the street to our hotel (called the Gasthof Krone) and its reception room. We spent a very enjoyable evening in great company, with more fun German traditions and songs (usually drinking games) and wonderful German items on the dinner menu (including schwabische hochzeitssuppe and rindersteak und putenmedaillon).
Hello Kitty Surprise
The reception awaits
The first dance
Miriam gets promises
Graham at Work
Asmir admires the Hochzeitssuppe
The festivities carried on late into the night, and it was well after midnight when (most) of us retired. Great wedding, Asmir and Miriam!

Here's a few more shots that capture the essence of the evening:
Alanna and Graham
Cheers all around
Pu's painting
Twisting the night away
The wedding cake
Wedding Cake Taste
Delicious Desserts
Winding down
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