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The ferrata descended a few fun sections composed of relatively solid rock with decent holds. Below this the ferrata angled into the bottom of a very large gully, with an occasional steep step protected by wires separated by less-steep sections. The quality of the rock degraded, and there were many sections that were rather loose and rough. It was very easy on these sections to knock rocks loose, and we had to be careful not to get anyone in harm's way. Even the steep protected sections required careful checking of holds to make sure that one didn't pull out on you.
Looser and less fun
Exiting the main gully
The wires ended, followed by more loose-talus descent. The route then flattened out and traversed horizontally around a wooded ridge, where we stopped for a snack break (that, and Graham's knees were hurting quite a bit). We could see that the route rounded the ridge, then climbed back up stiffly for a short distance and disappeared around another shoulder. We could also see the Dirk Menke and the rest of the German group from the rifugio, heading down towards us (they had told us the night before that they were likely doing this ferrata in the 'uphill' direction, so I was not surprised to see them).
German Group Descends
Dirk and Company
Section of wooded path
After our rest, we scrambled up and around the vegetated (mostly with low latschen trees) shoulder, where the wires ended and we started down a steep path that wound back and forth through dwarf conifers. It was tough at this point to see exactly where the route went, and there were a few times where I had my doubts about whether or not we had not gotten off the correct path leading to Passo Pertica. Eventually, though, I got a clear view down the steep terrain and could see the faint but clear line of the ferrata traversing around a big open bowl and around the outside of a large, steep rock buttress -- and I could now see the Passo Pertica itself.
Looking down to the finish
Lower traverses
Exposed Traverse
After a somewhat tiring descent on the path through the low bush, we arrived at the final section of ferrata -- a slightly downward-sloping traverse around a large open bowl, followed by a neat wire-protected ledge around a large buttress of rock, with big exposure below. The ferrata then ended, and in a few metres of trail after that we were at the Passo Pertica and back on the old Military road not more than 20 minutes above where our car was parked.
Lower end, VF Angelo Pojesi.
Passo Pertica
Draining the ankles
The descent from the Rifugio had taken a bit longer than we had anticipated, and we were slightly worried about exposing our expensive Bertani wine from being exposed to too much heat, so we agreed that Jenn and I should rush down ahead to open and ventilate the car. When we arrived, though, the trunk area where we'd stored the wine was still nice and cool. A combination of shady trees and some afternoon clouds had helped us out!
Interactive Trackmap - Descent from Rifugio Fraccaroli
Descent from Rif Fraccaroli and Ferrata Pojesi
Start Time: 8:46a.m.
End Time: 2:35p.m.
Duration: 5h48m
Distance: 5.31 km (3.3 mi)
Average Speed: 0.9 km/hr (0.6 mph)
Start Elevation: 7312ft (2229m) *
Max Elevation: 7349ft (2240m) *
Min Elevation: 4519ft (1377m) *
End Elevation: 4519ft (1377m) *
* : +/- 75 feet
Total Elevation Gain: 146ft (45m) *
Total Elevation Loss: 2950ft (899m) *
* : +/- 75 feet
Elevation Graph
With our two-day-overnight-with-rifugio outing now behind us, it was time to head back to our apartment in Riva del Garda. We picked a more direct route back to the Riva area, which necessitated a rather twisty route through the Lessini mountains. I found it to be quite fun and invigorating. Some of the others, shall we say... did not.
Refreshing post-hike waterfall
We were back in Riva at a nice early hour, and so we relaxed, had a nice dinner at the Leon d'Oro restaurant, and strolled a bit about town. Pu and I spent some after-dark time down at the main Piazza, capturing some nice night shots.
View from Apartment
Piazza III Novembre
Post-dinner Gelato
Post-dinner Gelato
One of Riva's Gates
Late Twilight at the Piazza
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