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Gabriola Pleasantries
Tuesday, August 19
The next day dawned cloudy and somewhat damply, for which I was somewhat glad, because I hate to see good hiking weather go wasted, and we had just come out of the mountains. We spent a leisurely day touring around Gabriola Island.
Berry picking time
The berry picker
Careful pickage
We first visited the blackberry patches at the bottom of Brickyard Hill, where Ewart, Ruth and Jenn went berry-picking crazy and collected a very large bowl of blackberries.
Technical Picking
A serious berrypicker...
Brickyard Beach
We then toured the south side of the island, first stopping to see the Gabriola Petroglyphs, then strolling about at Drumbeg Provincial Park, where pleasant views of the Garry Oak trees, Tidal Pools, and views of the Gabriola Passage are the main attractions.
Drumbeg Provincial Park
Strolling at Drumbeg
Gabriola Sandstone
Starfish and Trees
Starfish at Drumbeg
From Drumbeg, we headed way up to Berry Point for a look at honeycombed sandstone and views of Entrance Island. Then back home for a delicious salmon-based dinner (and lots of blackberry-eatin').
Berry Point
Gabriola Sandstone at Berry Point
Waves of stone
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