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Wednesday, July 25
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From this point onwards, the route was actually not all that difficult. We climbed up through some old, tortured avalanche fences that had been bent into all manner of shapes, although whether from avalanches or rock- fall, I could not tell. Above this, there was a little more moderate climbng and a couple of ladders, and then the ferrata ended.
courtesy DBoyd
Past rusted avalanche fences
Through the fences
More climbing and traversing
We were very near the top of the Tofana di Mezzo now, and off in the distance we could see the dots of the tourists on top. The ever-widening panorama now included scenery to the north. Jennifer, Pu, and Daryl took a few moments to edge forwards on their stomachs to peer over the high western wall of the ridge we were on.
courtesy PChen
courtesy PChen
A fantastic view
Andrew and Jenn
Pu poses
Checkin' out the drop
Checkin' out the drop
How we got here...
With all of the difficulties behind us, we easily scrambled and climbed the last bit of elevation to the summit. Jenn was noticeably happier now, knowing that all climbing difficulties were now passed. We crossed under the thin rope boundary that marked the edge of the tourist area at the summit, and then we were at the big metal cross. Success!
courtesy PChen
courtesy PChen
courtesy DBoyd
A view to the south
Approaching the tourists
On the top
We looked back south from the summit and saw some of the complex route we had taken. It had been a great climb, the little off-route excursion notwithstanding. Full of all kinds of variety in terms of scenery and climbing, it was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.
courtesy DBoyd
The distant high alps
Summit of Tofana di Mezzo
Cortina from above
courtesy PChen
courtesy PChen
Group summit shot
Pu's summit shot
A shot of a shot
After many pictures, including several staged stoic-looking Pu shots, we headed down the wide path from the summit to the top cablecar station, which took only a few minutes. There, on the broad deck, we relaxed in the lounge-chairs, took in the view down to Cortina, and waited for the next large cable-car.
courtesy PChen
Upper cablecar station
The deck
On the ride down, we had a bird's-eye view of much of our upper route, and you can see an annotated version of one of these pictures below. We took only the first two legs of the cablecar system on the way down, exiting at the Col Drusie station. We then walked down the gravel road for a short distance to the parking lot at the lower Pietofana lift. What had taken us less than seven hours to ascend took us about 30 minutes to descend.

(If you'd like to read more about the Punta Anna / Gianni Aglio route, please click here to go to my dedicated Via Ferrata page's route description.)
Into thin air...
The mid-route
Our starting point
Four showers and a well-deserved dinner later (at, appropriately, the 'croda cafe' in Cortina), we retired to our tents at Camping Olimpia.
Interactive Trackmap & Photo Points - Punta Anna-Gianni Aglio Ferrata - Click map to expand
Elevation over Distance
Elevation over Time
Climbing Log for the Punta Anna / Gianni Aglio Route
Start Time: 8:29AM
End Time: 4:17PM
Duration: 7h47m
Distance: 9.61 km (5.97 mi)
Average Speed: 1.2 km/hr (0.8 mph)
Start Elevation: 5502ft (1677m) *
Max Elevation: 10649ft (3246m) *
Min Elevation: 5502ft (1677m) *
End Elevation: 5536ft (1687m) *
* : +/- 75 feet
Total Elevation Gain: 5118ft (1560m) *
Total Elevation Loss: 5133ft (1565m) *
* : +/- 75 feet
Elevation Graph
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