Video Clip Index
On this page you'll find a concise list of all of the video clip sequences that are sprinkled throughout the Utah 2006 Exploring the Escalante narrative. If you don't want to go searching through the narrative for a particular movie, just use this page instead.
Video Clip: On the way to the Grand Canyon (Driving)
Video Clip: New Hance Trailhead
Video Clip: Trek to the Colorado
Video Clip: Hance Rapid Campsite
Video Clip: Hance Rapids to Hance Creek
Video Clip: Hance Creek to Grapevine Creek
Video Clip: Grapevine Creek Campsite
Video Clip: Morning at Grapevine Creek Campsite
Video Clip: Trek from Grapevine Canyon to open campsite on the Tonto platform
Video Clip: BH9/BJ9 Boundary Campsite
Video Clip: Finishing Tonto and starting up South Kaibab
Video Clip: Remainder of South Kaibab Climb to the Rim
Video Montage

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