Sojourn in the Desert
Sixty-five kilometres backpacking in the awesome Grand Canyon, a narrow slot, and a gushing Zion! What more could one ask for? Read all about it here...
Desert Flora
A profusion of flowering desert plants is but one of the highlights of this section, which is a detailed accounting of all of the neat desert vegetation we saw.
There are so many vistas in the Grand Canyon that demand a nice, wide panorama. This section contains all of the panoramas that we took.
Route Description
A detailed description of our route - the New Hance Trail, Tonto Trail westward, and South Kaibab Trail exit. Maps, distances, elevations, annotations, and pictures! (Note: this is not the main trip report! If you are looking for the main trip report, see the first item at the top of the page)
GPS Data, Maps and Graphs
My raw GPS data from the Grand Canyon and southern Utah hikes, and a single point of reference for all of the maps and graphs.
Audio and Video Repository
Even though audio and video is interleaved throughout the main story, I thought I'd create this separate section to contain all of the audio and video clips, for quick access.
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