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Desert foliage along the Tonto
The Granite Gorge
Looking East
Looking East (annotated)
The next principle canyons to the west are Boulder and then Lonetree (both of which may or may not have water, but I'd guess the Lonetree is the one that most often has it). The Tonto, through these and other side canyons in the area, is lightly travelled but quite distinct, and mostly pretty flat. The hiking is really quite good!
courtesy BConnell
Lonetree Canyon
Tonto Trail west out of Lonetree
Cremation Canyon
West of Lonetree is the last canyon before the South Kaibab Trail: Cremation Canyon. Cremation Canyon is quite broad and has several sub-gullies in it. The first one is pretty tame, but the last two are deep and the trail does not contour around them - it instead goes straight down into them and back out. Quite tiring. (200 feet descent/ascent for each ravine).

Soon after the ravines the trail slopes up to meet the South Kaibab Trail at about 4000 feet. From here you are in civilization-land, with toilets and lots of people. The south Kaibab trail is a virtualy highway compared to what you've been on, and its a fairly straightforward (but scenic) trudge up it.
courtesy BConnell
Cremation Canyon
Washroom at South Kaibab Jct
Starting up the South Kaibab
The South Kaibab Trail winds up through the Redwall in a well-engineered fashion, then heads mostly on the flat southward atop the Redwall to a point underneath O'neill butte, at which point the ascent starts again. Annoyingly spaced cross-logs make a good hiking stride hard to maintain. At around 6000 feet Cedar Ridge is reached (with another toilet). From here it is a steep but relatively short slog up a very scenic bit of trail to the south rim.
courtesy BConnell
Rounding the corner
Negotiating switchbacks
Redwall switchbacks
Mule Train on the South Kaibab
Near O'neill Butte
courtesy BConnell
Cedar Ridge from Above
Beautiful Ridgewalk
Nearing the South Rim
Interactive Trackmap with photo points - Full 5-day backpack - click map to view
Grand Canyon 5-day Backpack - New Hance TH to South Kaibab TH - Combined Data
Distance: 63.11 km (39.21 mi)
Average Speed: 1.5 km/hr (1.0 mph)
Time: 40h43m
Start Elevation: 7027ft (2142m) *
Max Elevation: 7210ft (2198m) *
Min Elevation: 2607ft (795m) *
End Elevation: 7210ft (2198m) *
* : +/- 75 feet
Total Elevation Gain: 5927ft (1807m) *
Total Elevation Loss: 5919ft (1804m) *
* : +/- 75 feet
Elevation Graph
Complete Backpack - Elevation over Distance
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