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Thick Tapeats Sandstone
Hiking out of Hance Creek
Brian on Tonto Trail
Cairn and Hikers
Lightly Trodden Tonto
Lightly Trodden Tonto
Cottonwood Creek Cliffs
Cottonwood Creek Cliffs (annotated)
The next canyon over is Cottonwood Canyon. The point at which the tonto crosses Cottonwood creek is a delightful spot with an excellent campsite, and, if water is flowing well, a beautiful little waterfall. This is one of the nicer campspots along this stretch of the Tonto.
Cottonwood Canyon
Desert Oasis
Tapeats Slabs
The Granite Gorge
The Granite Gorge (annotated)
Andrew and Brian on edge of Gorge
Heading into Grapevine
Next Canyon over is Grapevine Canyon, the largest of the south-side canyons. It takes a long time to hike in and out of this one. The trail heading in on the east side is pretty slopey above some pretty big dropoffs, so take care here. Good campsites are situated in the East Fork of Grapevine creek, right around where the Tonto trail crosses it. Again, there is likely good water here (but verify with park officials first!!)
courtesy BConnell
Heading into Grapevine (annotated)
Exciting bit of trail
Nearing Grapevine Campsite
East fork Grapevine Creek (annotated)
East fork Grapevine Creek (annotated)
Campsite at Grapevine creek, east fork.
The hike out of Grapevine is a lot like other side canyons, but, because of its size, quite a bit longer. On the plus side, it is quite scenic.
Angel's Gate from Grapevine Canyon
Grapevine Canyon Panorama
Grapevine Canyon
Grapevine Canyon (annotated)
Grapevine Canyon
Hiking towards unnamed butte
Unnamed Spire
humans are dwarfed
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