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A long, late fall hike up Mount Redfield - almost 30km (18mi.). We had an early dusting of wet snow to contend with, which made things a bit wet and slippery at times. Overall, though, this was a surprisingly nice hike with good variety. More text on our outing in my trip log (on the left).
Nightime Start
The 3rd quarter moon floats almost directly overhead as we get started on our hike of Mount Redfield, one of the 'trailless' 46er peaks. [enlarge]
Early dusting
Along the trail/road from South Meadows to Marcy Dam. A very thin dusting of snow everywhere. More reminiscent of a November day than an October day. [enlarge]
Marcy Dam
A splash of morning sun on Avalanche Mountain adds warm touch to a frosty fall day at Marcy Dam. [enlarge]
Marcy Brook
This shot was taken at the footbridge which crosses Marcy Brook just before the Avalanche Lean-to. [enlarge]
Snacks at Avalanche Lean-to
Markus prepares his morning's first snack at Avalanche Lean-to. [enlarge]
Fall -,Winter +
As we hike up and over the trail past Lake Arnold, the snow grows deeper and deeper. Nearing the height of land, there are several inches of snow everywhere. Much more winter-like than fall-like! As a result, negotiating this section of rocky trail becomes a slippery, tiring game. [enlarge]
The Lake Arnold Trail
Ewart, myself (Andrew) and Caroline making our way down the rough and now slippery trail from Lake Arnold towards Redfield. [enlarge]
courtesy Markus
Opalescent River Swampiness
Markus negotiates the Lake Arnold trail at its southern end, where it crosses a flat marshy area near the Opalescent River. [enlarge]
Opalescent River
A pleasantly snow-dusted scene along the upper Opalescent. [enlarge]
Lean-to plaque
While stopping for a lunch break at (I think) the Feldspar Lean-to (the lean-to at the Opalescent/Feldspar junction, anyway), I take a picture of this memorial plaque. [enlarge]
Crossing Uphill Brook
Caroline carefully picks her way across Uphill Brook. [enlarge]
New Herdpath
The 46er trail maintenance crew has done a great job fixing up the lower part of the Herdpath that goes up Redfield. A big cairn and flagging mark the start of the new Herdpath, which is just across from the Uphill Lean-to. [enlarge]
Ewart and Andrew
Ewart and Andrew at a section of the herd path that runs up Uphill Brook. [enlarge]
courtesy Markus
The MacIntyres
A superb early winter view of Algonquin and Iroquois presents itself as we climb up, next to Uphill Brook. Originally, we were disoriented and thought this was Marcy! Duh... [enlarge]
Uphill Brook
There are several sections of the Herdpath/route that follow or are in Uphill Brook - such as this section. [enlarge]
Ewart on Upper Mountain
Ewart slogs through the upper herdpath, which, as you can see, is quite snowy, on Redfield. [enlarge]
courtesy Markus
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