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This image gallery documents a hike in the Adirondaks taken by a group of people who took a wilderness first aid course together in March, 2002. This trip had nothing to do with first aid (thankfully) - but we had had fun on the course and found that we all shared an interest in hiking, and so we decided to do this hike.

When: 03/24/02
Location: Porter ridge (4050') and Cascade peak (4098') , Adirondak Mountains, NY
Distance: 12.95km Average Speed: 1.6km/hr (including breaks)
Start Elevation: 950' Maximum Elevation: 4098' End Elevation: 2220'
Start Time: 9:47am End Time: 5:50pm
Map : [ Click Here ]
Parking Lot
Ilja Rejoices
The first rest break
The first rest break
Trail sign
Another rest break
Snowy Environs
Steeply ascending
Group photo no.1
Action shot!
Ilja and Bryan
pack examination
more snowy conditions
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