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After our summit and photos, we turned and started to descend - and then we heard a distant 'yo' from the top of Little Haystack. Ewart had arrived! He marched right along and didn't stop at the Little Haystack's cliff. I wondered if Ewart, a cautious sort, would want to tackle the scrambly descent - but he seemed to be going for it immediately. We watched carefully, wanting to take note if Ewart suddenly slipped and fell, but he adroitly maneuvered his way down the steep bits (all in his snowshoes, no less) and was soon trudging his way towards us. He was definitely going to make it up here, and we thought hey, let's wait for him, and we really can summit all together!
Jason's number 44W
Haystack's summit view
The third W46er approaches
Climbing past Marcy
The last few feet
Jason stuck around until Ewart made it up to us, and then decided to head off down. We told him to look out for Phuong and to give her an update, and that we'd be behind him shortly. Also, we had told Mark and Linda that we'd try and cell-phone them from the top of Haystack, so they would have an idea of when we'd be back at the trailhead, but with Jenn's cellphone, it was no-go. I asked Jason if he would update Mark and Linda at the trailhead (should they actually be there), informing them that we couldn't contact them and about what time we'd arrive. Jenn and I then accompanied Ewart back up to the peak, where Ewart finished his winter 46 amidst now-almost-clear blue skies. Congrats to the Welshman!

Just beyond the summit, I got everyone together, and pulled out celebratory 'winter 46r' cup and a thermos. A toast of hot chocolate for everyone!
Celebratory Cups
Ready for toasting!
To life in the mountains!
Jenn and Ewart started down. The day was so beautiful now, I ended up lingering for several minutes on the summit behind them, taking picture after picture. I really do feel that this is the best peak in all of the Adirondacks, and was very, very grateful that the weather co-operated with us for our special moment. You'll note I took a plethora of pictures. I couldn't help it!
Gotta have a B&W
Towards the Dixes
Another summit knob shot
Another summit view
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