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This image gallery covers a trip that myself, Jenn, Madison and Barrie took to three of Montreal's many attractions: the Biodome, a museum/zoo that showcases several different ecological zones, complete with landscaping, flora and fauna; the Montreal Insectarium, and the Montreal Botanical Gardens. All three are quite interesting and beautiful, each in their own way, of course.

If you're interested in knowing or seeing more about these great attractions, please use the links in the navigation bar on the left to go to the official websites of each.

The Biodome, Insectarium, and Botanical Gardens are all clustered together near the site of the 1976 Olympic Stadium -- a distinctive and familiar landmark in Eastern Montreal. With it's curved angled tower and billowy, suspended stadium roof, it's hard to miss this building!
Approaching the grounds
Stadium and Biodome
Stadium Symmetry
Olympic Stadium
Biodome Entrance
Entering the first zone
The Biodome is what I'd call a combination of nature museum and zoo: It has recreations of various ecological zones, complete with detailed landscaping, recreations of weather conditions, and lots of interpretive plaques and displays. However, it also integrates actual live flora and fauna into these recreations.
Tropical Zone
Water Baby
Another Water Baby Shot
Friendly wanderer
Colorful Parrots
Exploring the tropics
Goeldi's Marmoset
Yacare Caiman
Military Macaws
Scarlet Ibis
Laurentian Forest zone
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